28. juli 2021

Research year in psychiatry and refugee health

Deadline: as soon as possible


Refugees is a vulnerable population and suffer from high risk of a number of diseases. Compared with both the population in the country of origin and the population in the host country, refugees have about three times higher risk of depression and anxiety. Even though this extreme risk is well established, there is a paucity in research on the underlying causes, which means prevention is left to be based on best guesses.

The research project

The overarching aim is to examine risk factors of depression in refugees beyond the well-established (genetic disposition, physical illness, major life changes/stress). The student will have a great say in defining the details to their interests and may include: the migration process itself, experience of traumatic events, experience of discriminatory events and acculturation. A unique data set of almost 1000 Syrian refugees collected in Denmark and Lebanon is available for the project with the possibility of combining or obtaining additional data.

What we are looking for

We seek a highly motivated research year student or master’s thesis student (possibly with additional electives that may be used on research) with interest in psychiatry and research. We do not require any particular technical skill-set beyond eagerness to learn and engage with your colleagues. We expect you to work independently and structured under the guidance of your supervisors.

Who we are

Your close supervisor will be Andreas Halgreen Eiset, medical doctor and PhD ( Your senior supervisor will be Mikkel Arendt, specialised psychologist and PhD (

What we can offer

We offer a strong team of supervisors that will collaborate closely with you on the project. You will be associated with the department; however, apart from regular meetings and occasional work- and research-related events the working hours are flexible. We expect the research project will result in at least one peer-reviewed publication with you as first author.

Please send any questions and your application including a proposed time frame to

Andreas Halgreen Eiset: