18. maj 2020

Delvist finansieret Ph.D. inden for kronisk inflammatorisk tarmsygdom (IBD) og personlig medicin

Studerende søges til en delvist finansieret ph.d. i forskningsgruppen for molekylærbiologisk diagnostik, Syddansk Universitetshospital med start hurtigst muligt

Ansøgningsfrist: hurtigst muligt

Predicting disease course and improving diagnosis of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); The Nordic IBD treatment strategy trial (NORDTREAT).

Aim of the PhD
The overall aim is to improve Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients’ prognosis and quality of life by introducing a novel predictive protein signature.

IBD is a disease entity of unknown origin, characterized by a chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. IBD is increasing, especially among teenagers, and today 0.5-1% of the Nordic population is affected.

The disease course varies from an indolent course to an aggressive, treatment refractory disease, with need of repeated hospital admissions, surgery and increased risk of comorbidity including cancer. Thus, IBD have severe consequences for many affected individuals, including life-long medication, hospitalizations, recurring sick-leaves, and surgical interventions. The extensive heterogeneity among IBD patients, specifically inter-individual variability with respect to disease progression, is a major clinical challenge. Current IBD treatment is expensive and lack therapeutic precision, which reduces efficacy and safety and increases the risk of disease progression throughout life.

In this project, our aim is to selectively identify patients with a poor prognosis based on a novel objective protein signature, recently identified by members of the NORDTREAT team, and adapt the treatment in these patients to minimize disease-induced damage on the gastrointestinal tract and to improve long-term disease outcomes. By implementing this personalized medicine strategy, NORDTREAT will reduce societal costs and improve quality of care for patients with IBD.

Patients are recruited from 4 Nordic countries. In Denmark, patients will be recruited from Odense-Svendborg University Hospital and University Hospital of Southern Jutland, Åbenrå. This PhD will be responsible for recruiting patients in Åbenrå. The PhD student will be involved in describing the PhD study protocol together with the Danish NORDTREAT team.

The research team
You will be a member of a small, ambitious, research team with various backgrounds (molecular biology, doctors, nurse and health research). You will be in close contact with other PhD students.

Signe Bek Sørensen, postdoc (study coordinator)
Vibeke Andersen, professor (main supervisor)
Jens Kjeldsen, professor

Practical Information
A PhD student with interest for clinical study coordination is preferred (e.g. Molecular Science, Medicine or Human Biology). You will need to speak Danish. Only an applicant with at least one published work is accepted as a PhD student.

One year of wage is already paid by NORDFORSK. You will be involved in writing the protocol, applying for the rest of the economy at the hospital (very good changes). The study will be performed at University Hospital of Southern Denmark, 6200 Aabenraa, in close contact with SDU/OUH. Children day care and housing facilities are present near the hospital. We are looking forward to talk to you.


Signe Bek Sørensen

Telefon: +45 2938 5683

Focused Research Unit for Molecular Diagnostics and Clinical Research
University Hospital of Southern Jutland
Kresten Philipsens Vej 15
6200 Åbenrå

Vibeke Andersen

Telefon: +45 2115 7790

Focused Research Unit for Molecular Diagnostics and Clinical Research
University Hospital of Southern Jutland
Kresten Philipsens Vej 15
6200 Åbenrå

Jens Kjeldsen


Medical Gastrointestinal Diseases
Odense University Hospital
J. B. Winsløws Vej 4
5000 Odense